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Nikki Malvar Heist Creative, Sydney

Nikki is a passionate photographer who creates customised experiences for her clients.
She tells their business’ story through capturing stunning, high quality imagery whilst enhancing their brand and helping them stand out from the crowd. Her focus is solely on business, her sessions involving brand strategy, location curation, styling consultation and creative direction.

Heist Creative’s services include Personal Branding, Business Branding, Commercial shoots, Brand Video as well as Space and Interior shoots.

Client Nikki

About Nikki and Heist Creative

“I help brands and businesses create beautiful custom imagery for their websites, socials and marketing collateral. I am passionate about working with people and getting their business visuals looking incredible.”

Favourite part about owning their own business:

“Being my own boss. Of course, all the risks, liabilities and stress is mine, but I get to reap the rewards.”

No.1 business tip:

“My number 1 business tip is – operate like a legitimate business from the get-go. Have a strong foundation – invest in legals, numbers and create a solid brand identity.”

Heist CreativeHeist Creative
Heist Creative
Heist CreativeHeist Creative

“I am a storyteller for passionate businesses.”

— Nikki Malvar, Heist Creative

It’s nice to know that my accounts and reconciliations are being looked after. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I don’t have to think about my BAS, I know it will be done for me. Linda and the team were a massive help during the stressful time of COVID and trying to navigate JobKeeper. I must’ve had a million questions like everyone else, and it was great to be looked after and have someone to trust.

Nikki Malvar
Heist Creative, Sydney

Challenges before engaging the SYM Dream Team

“Was just a bit clueless with my accounts. Everything was manual – I didn’t have Xero, I had receipts in a jar. I just wasn’t truly clear on what I was earning/spending.”