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Nathan & Jaynie Johnson, Blacklist Studio, Cronulla

Meet SYM clients and husband and wife duo, Nathan and Jaynie Johnson, of Blacklist Studio!

Blacklist Studio was founded back in 2008 and is based around the work of Sydney artist and designer, Nathan. Based in Cronulla, this duo works with an array of local and international clients within the interiors, music and fashion industries, focusing on branding. They also create unique and modern limited edition art prints, stationery and other paper goods.

Blacklist Studio

About Nathan, Jaynie and Blacklist Studio

“We run a boutique creative studio with a focus on branding, visual communication strategy, creation and implementation. We make nice things, for nice people. We also create art and stationery under our brand @blackliststore. We do it because we love it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Favourite part about owning their own business:

“The flexibility it allows us to be able to work around school canteen duty and 3 young children.”

No.1 business tip:

“Our number 1 business tip would be: get a great bookkeeper and accountant. Legit (that wasn’t sponsored!)”

Blacklist StudioBlacklist Studio
Blacklist Studio
Blacklist StudioBlacklist Studio

“We make nice things, for nice people.”

— Nathan & Jaynie Johnson, Blacklist Studio

I recommend SYM all the time. I’m like a SYM evangelist. If anyone is talking to me about keeping the ‘main things, the main things’ I tell them, “I know a simple solution to how you can do that”. I never see bookkeeping as an expense but a valuable investment.

Nathan & Jaynie Johnson
Blacklist Studio, Cronulla

Challenges before engaging the SYM Dream Team

“Payroll was a constant admin stress for me, along with BAS. I dreaded the end of quarter. We wasted time on things that were way better when outsourced, and it has seen us increase our bottom line by releasing us both into the creative and strategic areas of the company.