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Amy Taylor Collection, Caringbah

Amy is the creator and owner of the stunning fashion brand Amy Taylor Collection.

The Amy Taylor Collection Studio is located on Park Lane in Caringbah where Amy designs tailor-made bridal, formal and cocktail gowns, created to “enhance your silhouette and make you embrace the curves you have.”

Not only has Amy been an established and successful fashion designer for more than 17 years, she is also a proud mother of two, and is known as the “Queen of Backless”, due to her exquisite backless gowns.

Amy Taylor Collection truly values the importance of Australian made, ethical and sustainable fashion and aims to positively impact people and places though their brand.

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About Amy and Amy Taylor Collection

“I was a young lady with a dream and once I saw that vision, there was no stopping me! I was brought up in a creative environment around my mum’s flower shop and from a young age I just wanted to make things and sell them.

So, I got into fashion and I got to be creative and make people feel amazing. That became addictive and that’s what I love doing – creating the most beautiful pieces I can to flatter any woman, to showcase all their curves and make their bodies look as beautiful as they can be.”

Favourite part about owning her own business:

“Being able to do what I love, being able to express my creativity, however I’m feeling, and not having anyone dictating what I’m doing. That’s probably my favourite part. If I want to create a dress today, I can, and I can design it however I want, without having anyone shut me down.”

No.1 business tip:

“What has taken me many years to learn is that you need a good bookkeeper! Especially if you’re a creative, you need somebody around you who’s really good at money so that you can flow together and create magic.Having a good connection and relationship with somebody that’s looking after the money side of the business takes all the financial pressure off me so I can be completely free with my creativity. That’s basically number one!”

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“Keep smiling, stay beautiful. I just love making people feel beautiful.”


For me, what I love about Linda (SYM’s Head Honcho), is that she’s upfront. Whatever she says she’s going to do, she does, no empty promises – and that’s important. I like her soul, I like how she’s a go-getter and that resonates with me because that’s who I am as a person too. That’s why I have connected with her and I love her, she’s a legend!

Amy Taylor Collection, Caringbah

Challenges before engaging the SYM Dream Team

“Not knowing my numbers held me back, to be completely honest. It’s something that I just didn’t focus on. It definitely affected my reality as I didn’t have an overview of my business finances.”