Meet Andy Gray – SYM client and fabulous owner of the fascinating and beautiful store, This Is Not Shop, based in the heart of Cronulla! Here you will find delights of all sorts – from unusual plants, succulents and pots, dried flowers, fresh greenery, vases, candles and soap, to driftwood, lights and lanterns, art, mirrors, stools, books, and up-cycled bits and bobs –

We can so clearly recall visiting the store for the first time, just after it opened in 2020. When asking Andy why he called it “This Is Not A Shop”, he replied: “It’s an experience!” And we knew exactly what he meant! 

It truly is a feast for all the senses – the sweet fragrances of candles and soap, beautiful colours including the bright greens of the plants and succulents and the earthy tones of the pots and furniture, with warm and welcoming lighting adding to the magic. There is so much to see and everything is displayed beautifully and with intention. 

Andy has recently told us a bit more about his business journey… 

Andy, please share This Is Not A Shop’s purpose/mission statement with us:

“This Is Not A Shop is not just a store, it is an experience: a celebration of life, love, beauty and the making of magical memories. Our vision is to create a fun, friendly, luxurious and lush, dreamy and distinctive experience for our customers, taking them on a voyage to somewhere else.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how This Is Not A Shop came to be:

“As a little boy, I read Vogue. It was not the typical thing for a boy from the Shire to do, but I guess I wasn’t a typical boy. My older brother, Billy, and I both adored glamour, and pouring over glossy magazines, and being transported to chic international places and exotic worlds. We would talk long into the night about how when we grew up we wanted to invent a store to offer all the things we saw and loved, and to design the most beautiful space to do it in. Now, 25 years on, after a wonderful career in floristry, and having travelled extensively, I have returned to my roots to create This Is Not A Shop.”

What is your favourite part about owning your own business? 

“My favourite part of owning my own business is the independence and freedom it provides me to be creative and self determining.”

Do you have a top business tip you would like to share?

“My top business tip would have to be – follow your heart, listen to your head, but most importantly, trust your gut.”

What were your challenges before engaging SYM Business Services? 

“My challenges were never having enough time or headspace to think about bookkeeping and the absolute necessity to keep on top of it.”

Would you recommend SYM Business Services to others and, if yes, why?

“Yes, of course, I would strongly recommend SYM as they allow me to focus on my business and, importantly, look after my customers. SYM gives me the peace of mind that my bookkeeping is being cared for, is streamlined and my GST obligations are being adhered to.”

Do yourself a favour and go experience the magic of This Is Not A Shop for yourself! You can follow Andy’s journey on Facebook: @thisisnotashop1 and Instagram: @thisisnotashop_

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